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Google Ads lets you put your business in front of your ideal audience when they’re looking to take action!

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what services do we offer

We specialise in the Google Advertising platform, so whether you’re wanting to run a search campaign, setup Google Shopping or looking to retarget people that visit your website that didn’t take action, we’ve got you covered.

Google Search

When your customers are searching for your products & services, make sure you’re showing up for the search terms they’re using. Google Search is intent driven, so your customers are ready to go when they’ve found you!

Google Shopping

Got a great product to sell but don’t know how to get it out there? Use the power of Google Shopping to find the right audience at the right time by showcasing your products to the people that want it now!

Google Display

So what do you do when someone visits your website but doesn’t take the action you wanted them to take? Using the Google Display network, you can keep front of mind with visual displays to remind them what they’re missing out on.


How do we know we can generate better results through Google advertising?

Because we make the changes that are needed to improve your results day after day –  Unlike other agencies out there, we don’t just set & forget.


Keyword Research

We don’t just throw a bunch of words at the wall and see what sticks – we do thorough research for keywords that will work for YOU!

Account Structure

Setting up the correct account is critical to the ongoing process of optimisation. If you get it wrong here, it will cost you $$$$.

Ad Copy that Works

We make sure that your ads align with your keywords. This should also match up with what you have to offer your customers.

Ongoing Optimisation

You can’t let your account sit there and hope for the best. We make decisions based on the data and optimise accordingly.

Bespoke Reporting

You want the information that tells you the whole picture, not the fluff. We can custom build a report with metrics you want!

Overall Transparency

There’s nothing to hide when you’re working with us. We don’t lock you out and you’ll have full access to your data.

Google Ads keywords research

Why CHOOSE US for your ppc advertising?

Unlike other agencies, we don’t “set & forget” your campaign.

We’re always looking for new opportunities across the keywords we use, headlines & ad copy or even who we need to target for your business.

The more successful we can make your business, the longer we’ll work together!

Our Case Studies

Whitsunday Yacht Charters - Case Study

Whitsunday Yacht Charter

Lead Generation & Bookings

The Wheel Deal - Case Study

The Wheel Deal

Ecommerce & Enquiry Calls

North Eastern Weight Loss Surgery - Case Study

Weight Loss Surgery

Lead Generation

Big Christmas - Case Study

Big Christmas

Ecommerce & Shopping

Let’s Work Together

Let’s organise a quick 20 minute call to discuss how Google Advertising can work for your business and generate more leads and sales for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

So that we can ensure that Google Advertising can work for your business, I always recommend booking a FREE 20 minute strategy call, where I can get an understanding of your business and your goals and determine if this is the right step for you.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Unlike agencies, I don’t lock you in for any desired timeframe. I would rather give you the opportunity to test it out and after you see the results I can get, you’ll see that continuing with me will be the best decision you make for your business.

Do you have any guarantees?

When it comes to Google Advertising, I won’t make any extravagant promises or guarantees regarding leads or sales to get your business. What I will offer is to ensure that we are generating quality traffic to your website to help increase your bottom line.

How do I know this is working for me?

From the very start, we will ensure that we set up accurate tracking of all your goals and KPI’s. This may include submitting a lead form, purchasing a product or increasing the amount of quality traffic to your website. The decision is yours.

Do you outsource your Google Ads management?

I never outsource my work and I would always encourage my clients to provide input as we work together to ensure that we are making the right decisions on their Google Ads account to make them as highly profitable as they can be.

What Google platforms do you offer?

Unlike some agencies, there is no “one size fits all”. This is why I offer management across Google Search, Display, Video (YouTube) and Shopping networks. To find out what will work for you, book a FREE 20 minute strategy call today.